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Great Food

 We are family owned and operated. Between all of us we have over 30 years experience in meat cutting, and running our own businesses. We carry only the BEST USDA meats. No hormons, or bi products injected. We take great pride in our products, and believe it shows. We sell meat packages as well. We believe our customers are the best part of our business. We take pride in our customer service and we were VOTED # 1 MEAT MARKET IN HERNANDO COUNTY! That is huge!!

A Wide Variety

We Sell all Sorts of Foods From Fresh Eggs to Freashly made Burgers and from Alaskan Salmon to Bison Burgers, Homemade Sausages, Filet Mignon Burgers (to die for) mouth watering steaks, huge chicken breast, king size potatoes to go with any meal. Hamburger buns to go with our 1/2 lb homemade gourmet burgers. Wide range of bbq sauces, rubs, homemade jellys, frozen seafood, wild game, fried green tomatoes, huge pink shrimp. And so much more!! 

Just a Little Note

What makes us different is the quality, cleanliness and hospitality. We have competitive pricing. We treat our customers as part of the family. We believe our customers are the heart of our business. We strive to have the best customer service possible. We post what we have for supper, and love seeing what our customers have as well. Sharing reciepes is another thing we like doing. EAT FRESH BUY LOCAL!!

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