Fresh Quality Cuts

 We are a family-owned and operated meat market with over 30 years of experience operating in Hernando County.

Your Family Butcher

 We are family-owned and operated. Between all of us we have over 30 years experience in meat cutting, and running our own businesses. We carry only the best USDA meats. No hormones or bi-products injected. We take great pride in our products and believe it shows. We sell meat packages as well. We believe our customers are the best part of our business. We take pride in our customer service and we were voted # 1 meat market in Hernando County! 

Market Fresh

Choose from a variety of market fresh meats.


All beef is of the highest grades and is cut in-house by our local butchers. From Ribeyes to T-Bones, Filet Mignons or Ground Chuck – we’ve got the perfect cut for you.


From Boneless Breasts to Chicken Wings, Whole Chickens or Marinated Kabobs, our all natural poultry is packed full of flavor and ready to throw on the grill.


From Boston Butts to Ribs, Pork Chops or Ham, our butchers will cut it just the way you like it. Our pork is packed full of flavor and ready to be prepared your favorite way.